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Any number of economic entities acting at the international level call for planning tax questions, whereas the current activity calls for the regulations of the community law and the international tax law. In our chamber we employ persons with considerable experience in the cooperation with tax authorities from other countries as well as in the regulations resulting from the contracts on avoiding double taxation or relevant EU directives.

Our consulting services in this matter include in particular the following activities:

  • preparation of the opinions and commentaries on tax questions based on binding regulations of tax law concerning the double taxation and the regulations of the community law;
  • consulting and help in observing the international and community tax law;
  • consulting and help in complying with the regulations on double taxation;
  • consulting and help in taxing with VAT the intra-community and international transaction;
  • consulting on currency regulations;
  • consulting on international questions concerning the transfer prices.
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 30.06.2017

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