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Within the scope of the strategic tax consulting, we serve our Clients with our competence in economic and legal reorganisation of enterprises, including the mergers, divisions, and taking over. While dealing with the questions where the tax law and the company law meet, we help establish the optimal structure of an enterprise as far as the taxes are concerned.

We offer our support in acquiring and selling the enterprises. Our services within this scope include first of all the tax due diligence of the object to be acquired or sold, the analysis of existing contracts as well as the support in the preparation of new contracts in order to minimise the tax risks, the support in the negotiations or enterprise evaluation.

Acquiring or selling the enterprise with our help, you can rely on our wide experience in this matter and considerably reduce the risks.

Our consulting services on strategic tax include in particular the following activities:

  • choosing the tax-optimum legal form of business activity;
  • the capital restructuring or organisation processes of the enterprises;
  • tax analysis of transformation, merger, division, and liquidation proceedings of the entities;
  • consulting on the acquisition and sale of the shares;
  • interpretation and explanations on the legal, accounting, and tax questions mentioned above.
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