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The correct and effective consulting on perpetual tax obligations and the optimisation of tax encumbrances provides a foundation for cooperation with our Clients based on mutual confidence. Our experience and expertise allows us to support our Clients and minimise the hazard of possible tax risks.

Our consulting services on perpetual tax consulting include in particular:

  • preparation of legal and tax opinions, interpretations, and explanations on binding regulations of tax law
  • consulting on tax planning and tax encumbrance optimisation as well as the preparation, implementation, and development of tax strategy
  • consulting on the application of the instruments in the tax and balance policy
  • preparation of contracts and their analysis from the point of view of the tax optimisation
  • preparation of tax declarations
  • applying on behalf of the client to the Minister of Finance in order to obtain a binding interpretation of the tax law regulations
  • informing on the amendments to tax regulations
  • analysis of perpetual questions on PIT, CIT, and VAT as well as other levies imposed by public law, tax encumbrance optimisation.
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 30.06.2017

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