VAT rate changes 2018 Below you will see a summary of the principle VAT rate changes in the European Union on 1st January, 2018. Country VAT Change Cyprus Imposition of 19% standard VAT rate on land transactions for business use Latvia Introduction of Super Reduced 5% VAT rate Norway Reduced...
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EU update on VAT rules for eCommerce businesses

The EU has recently declared new rules to help eCommerce businesses simplify how they account for VAT. These new rules apply to businesses selling both goods and services on a B2C basis and are intended to effect business at various stages up to 2021. They are part of the EU’s...
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Italy Tax News

Update to Italian ‘Spesometro’ for 2018 The reporting frequency for 2018 invoice listing (or ‘VAT Books’) submission (formerly ‘Spesometro’) has been changed by Italy, from quarterly to bi-annually. There will also be numerous simplifications of the data required – details of sales and purchase VAT invoices. The filing will be...
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The UK Brexit Customs and VAT Bill

Last week, the UK Parliament had its second reading of the ‘Taxation (Cross Border Trade) Bill’, which lays the ground for the post-Brexit Customs, VAT and Excise regimes. The Bill was published on 20th November, 2017, and is part of a series of Brexit laws to regulate UK legislation for...
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Simplification to Slovakian VAT registration

From the 1st January, 2018, non-resident Slovakian businesses may side-step the responsibility to VAT register for intra-community transactions and distance sales from Slovakia. At present, foreign companies must apply for a Slovakian VAT registration, if they are acquired or dispatch goods on a B2B basis through Slovakia. Or if they...
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„Zapamiętaj tę datę” – 7. getsix® Golf Trophy

Szanowni Państwo, „Gustaw” i Partnerzy getsix® w ramach podziękowania za dotychczasową współpracę, chcieliby serdecznie zaprosić Państwa do udziału w 7. edycji Golf Trophy, która odbędzie się w sobotę, 7 lipca 2018 roku w Gradi Golf Club & Spa. Bardzo liczymy na Państwa obecność, dlatego prosimy o zarezerwowanie terminu w kalendarzu...
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VAT split payments further delay by Poland to July 2018

The introduction of ‘Split Payments’ will be delayed announced the Polish Ministry of Finance until 1st July, 2018. This anti-VAT fraud measure has already been delayed once since the original launch plan of 1st January, 2018. ‘Split Payments’ is a measure requiring B2B customers to pay the VAT element of...
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UK Tax News

Lawmakers in the UK reject proposed amendment to Brexit legislation A proposed amendment to Brexit legislation has been voted against by the lawmakers in the UK. This legislation would have replaced a clause seen as ‘ambiguous’ for a clear message that UK courts should temporarily follow rulings from the European...
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Portugal – Budget Bill 2018

Conceito our Portuguese amavat® Partner Firm has supplied a document rergarding the ‘Budget Bill 2018’.           Click here for English version Click here for Portuguese version   *might not be applicable to your organisation amavat® provides a one-stop-shop solution for VAT Compliance within Europe. We assist...
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EU Tax News

MEP’s back new anti-dumping rules The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have backed in support of new rules on dumping and subsidised goods from outside the European Union (EU). Dumping ensues when goods are sold into a foreign market at below the usual market rate in the exporter’s domestic...
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