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Nowe minimalne stawki płac 2018: Musisz to wiedzieć

Ze skutkiem od 1 stycznia obowiązują nowe stawki minimalne w Polsce. W stosunku do roku poprzedniego minimalne zarobki wzrosły o 100 złotych brutto. W nowym roku będzie również obowiązywać nowa minimalna stawka godzinowa. Nowelizacja ustawy o płacy minimalnej dotyczy łącznie około 1,4 miliona pracowników w Polsce. Minimalne wynagrodzenie Minimalne wynagrodzenie...
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Best-Performing Cities in Europe

4 cities in Poland are the best performing within the Top 20 in Europe: Gdansk, WROCŁAW, POZNAŃ and Krakow! Best-Performing Cities/Regions 1 Inner London-East, UK 2 Stockholm, Sweden 3 Budapest, Hungary 4 Pomorskie, POLAND (includes Gdańsk) 5 Nord-Vest, Romania 6 Dolnoslaskie, POLAND (includes Wrocław) 7 Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire, UK...
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Poland Economy – Q3 2017

Poland’s economy grew by a stunning 4.9% in Q3 2017 – much faster than any analysts predicted, this follows 4.0% in Q2 and 4.1% in Q1. British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) members are reporting that business is very good, but staff retention is becoming more challenging. getsix® as a...
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IBM Report: Global Location trends 2017. Poland is being on the make in FDI Ranking According to the latest IBM Report (2017 Annual Report: Global Trend Locations) Poland soared to 11th place in the ‘Top-ranking destination countries by estimated jobs’ from 17th place last year. Poland has shown increases of...
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Poland – The Next Economic Powerhouse?

Poland, an under-the-radar economic star that President Trump recently visited, he chose Warsaw, before Berlin, Paris or Brussels, and participated in a meeting to promote regional economic ties in Eastern Europe. Poland is working its way up just as the Asian wonders did, as a manufacturing power, even though this...
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Investing in Poland?

If you are looking to invest in Europe, look no further than Poland… Find out in this latest report, a complete overview of the Polish market. Click the link to download the research paper – (Source: BNP PARIBAS) Poland Market Insights ‘Summary’ Consumer demand, local investments (financed by the...
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