Imigracja do Polski

Immigration law

The Polish immigration law is very strict. The Migration Policy Department at the Ministry of Interior (, which is responsible for immigration issues, does not offer residence permits on the basis of investment

Legalisation of work and stay in Poland

All non-EU foreign nationals, who do not have Polish citizenship or permanent residency card, generally, to be able to perform work on the territory of Poland, are obliged to obtain a work permit and suitable document which legalises their stay in Poland – a work visa or temporary residency card. If they plan to come to Poland with their families, it is essential to apply for appropriate visas or temporary residency cards for each family member as well.

EU citizens are allowed to work in Poland without obtaining a work permit. However, if the stay in Poland of the EU citizen will be longer than three months, it is necessary to register the EU citizen in the respective Provincial Office.

Entry and Visas

EU citizens can enter Poland with a valid travel document or other document confirming their identity and citizenship. However, if they intend to stay for more than 3 months, they are required to apply for a residence permit or temporary residence permit. Citizens of the US, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries can enter Poland without a visa and stay for up to 90 days.

All non-EU citizens entering Poland must hold a passport with validity exceeding the required date of departure from Poland by at least 3 months. It is normal practice for Polish immigration officials to ask for evidence of sufficient financial resources and health insurance to cover the duration of stay in Poland.

How can getsix® help?

getsix® can provide full support in co-operation with our ‘legal partnering firms’ to legalise the stay and work in Poland of the foreign citizens and their dependants. Our experienced team comprises of consultants with a wide range of immigration expertise and long standing experience.

getsix® immigration services specialists can help you to:

  • determine the immigration procedure appropriate for the foreign citizens and their families;
  • obtain permit/extend permit for taking up gainful employment;
  • obtain permit for taking up residence for the limited period for foreign citizens and their family members;
  • obtain permit for taking up residence in the territory of Poland;
  • obtain permit for stay for long-term European Community residents;
  • obtain certificate of stay registration of EU-citizens;
  • obtain residence card for a family member of EU-citizen, who is not EU-citizen;
  • obtain temporary address registration in Poland;
  • replace or re-apply for the above documents, in case of loss or changes in information contained in those documents;
  • officially certify or acquire Polish citizenship;
  • place foreign documents in Polish offices;
  • validate foreign diplomas and degrees;
  • obtain certificate of clean criminal record in Poland of a foreign citizens;
  • carry out immigration audit.

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